Native American Posters

Native American Posters

by Mark Peltier-Robson

Native American PostersSo, why did I create Native American Posters? It was the Summer of ’94 when a very special event happened just 15 miles from my home. It was the birth of the first female white buffalo calf since 1933, on a farm just outside of Janesville, Wisconsin. The Native Americans considered this white buffalo calf “a symbol of hope and renewal for humanity and for harmony between all peoples, and all races in our world today”. The white calf’s name was “Miracle”, and I had the good fortune to visit her several times during her 10 years of life.

It was because of Miracle I began to read about Native American culture. I found I was absolutely overwhelmed by the images of the Native Americans back in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s. The character and heritage in their faces spoke to me. Their teachings and words of wisdom inspired me. That’s why I created a collection of Native American Posters intended to Honor and Respect them.

Native American Posters promote understanding

The quotes found in our collection of Native American Posters are unlike the typical motivational sayings found in other poster designs. But, it’s really the images that make them so very special. The images capture their anguish and hope, their strength and wisdom, their humility and humanity. Those faces needed to be shared and remembered. Their wisdom and insights are so important and relevant in today’s modern world.

Totally out of our respect for the Native American people and their culture, I am pleased to present our Native American Poster collection.

Native American Posters are simple, powerful, and proud

The posters found here are not meant to be cutting edge art or design. They are here to be enjoyed by all who choose to remember that different cultures share a common good. We are all brothers and sisters under one sky. And we can all live together in peace and understanding.

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